Online reputation and Lead Nurturing: Email Marketing, PR, Website Development

Email Marketing

      Hopefully, from all the other campaigns, you have a solid database of leads. And for leads, email marketing works wonders. Far from one-content-fits-all, our email campaigns are thoroughly segmented and measured, so that leads get the right info at the right time, nudging them ever so slightly into buying mode. Yes, email marketing is far from dead.


      PR may very well be one of the oldest marketing tools, yet one that will always be relevant. From influencer programs to basic media relations, we believe PR is a good companion for Google and your digital strategy. Because PR is about content. Content that is SEO ripe, engagement ripe or call-to-action ripe.

Website Development

     So, after all said and done, you need to have a place where customers and leads may find you. And this place is your website. Getting clicks from Google is only half the story, if that click leads to a poor website. It’s like bringing people at your door only to let them see you have a dusty house. So we make sure to dust it off, open the windows to let the air in and place some nice furniture in the living room.  For websites this translates into usability (better structure, design and improved content), ultimately leading the clients to easily find what they are looking for, which increases the chances of closing a sale.

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