Is Education-Based Marketing Still Effective?

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Is Education-Based Marketing Still Effective?

All discussions about the most effective marketing techniques get controversial, as there are so many different opinions and strategies around this subject. In reality, there is no “one size fits all’’ technique in marketing, and the soon you realize marketing trends are in a continuous change, the better it will be for your business.

Education-based marketing is a strategy that establishes trust with consumers by sharing knowledge about the brand. Unlike the traditional marketing approach which uses sales pitches to get the customer’s attention, education-based marketing tries to inform the customers, so that they can make the best buying decision for them.

Always keep in mind: knowledge is important

Some marketing specialists may argue that education-based marketing is not effective anymore. Because it’s the soul of the audience that needs to be touched, and not only their brains. However, it can’t be denied that educated clients will always make better buying decisions than those who don’t understand how  your products or services will help them reach their goals. Therefore, establishing and mantaining an educational relationship with your customers is an essential element in any relevant business strategy, whether you are an entrepreneur, a retail business, or a financial company. Here are a simple steps to take to effectively implement education-based marketing.

Put yourself in the Customer’s shoes  

Good marketers put themselves in their customers’ shoes to identify the questions the public may have, as well as the most appropriate answers they could be offered. Attracting qualified prospects involves a lot of research and a lot of effort to understand users, their hopes, their needs, their expectations and their concerns.

Identify the right marketing channels

Having a good understanding of your targeted audience will help you choose the right marketing & advertising channels. While you may be tempted to work on all channels at the same time, that could be a waste of time and money. Instead of going in too many directions, you may want to focus all your resources on the right strategy, which may involve SEO actions, Referral Marketing, E-mail marketing, online advertising (PPC platform, social media advertising,  retargeting, display ads), or influencer marketing etc. Figuring out which channels will produce sustainable growth for a business may imply some trial and error, but all efforts will

Develop a good message

After spotting the right channels for your potential clients, now it’s time to craft an engaging message that will hit your ultimate prospect at home. An effective educational message contains an engaging title and an offer which directly addresses the audience’s problems, challenges and goals.

Establish yourself as an authority

Education-based marketing means offering valuable information in the form of a free e-book, report, or white paper, without asking for anything in return. It is a way of establishing yourself as an authority in your field, a reliable knowledge source to which clients will hopefully turn again and again for profficient advice.

Staying relevant in your line of business, becoming a trusted voice in your field will eventually determine a part of your audience turn to you whenever they will need the type of professional services  you provide. Even though some may disagree,education-based marketing is still very much alive and it is helping many businesses grow and thrive.







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