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We are big fans of Google advertising for several reasons:

  • Google offers us a lots of tools to gather smart data to build an effective strategy
  • all Google campaigns are measurable down to the smallest click
  • all Google campaigns are under the control of the advertiser (that’s you and us - as an agency)
  • approximately 67% of all search traffic goes to Google, while Yahoo+Bing make up the rest (Source: Comscore). That makes Google a powerhouse that you should not ignore.
  • it is estimated that up to 90% of all new purchases are first researched online (and 81% of B2B purchases start with a web search) - this means Google knows what you search for, and this means we also know what we should offer your customers.
  • and a significant proportion of brick-and-mortar sales are researched online while the consumer is actually  in physical store. This means that you should be there, on Google, even if it’s your own store that the consumer is in.

 All these facts make Google, the single, most important marketing medium that you could employ to reach your target market, in a controllable, measurable and effective way.

 As for the tools that Google offers, we have under our sleeve several. You may start with just one, or with all of them, depending on the needs of your business.

  • Paid search - helps mostly with those consumers that are actively researching products to buy, just one step away from closing the sale. Paid search also helps in the beginning of the customer journey to gain awareness and in the middle to generate interest, but it is at the end of the sales process, where it reveals its effectiveness.
  • Display advertising - that means that we’ll place your image ads (banners) and text ads on the sites that best match your target profile. The ads can be targeted down to the smallest detail: by gender, age, contextual or based on keywords, interests and topics or even cherry-picked by your marketing team. Display is very helpful in establishing awareness and...the big bonus: it helps with remarketing.
  • Remarketing campaigns mean that once a visitor landed on your website or visited an important section of your website and didn’t finish the acquisition, or if you want to make them to buy more or to deliver a special message for each of these types of visitor, he or she will see display ads with your message, on any other websites that she visits. Remarketing campaigns are very effective in increasing the conversion rate, increasing the average order basket or keeping customers loyal. Also, remarketing can be done on text, image and video ads, whichever best matches your customer profile.
  • Dynamic Remarketing : this type of campaign enables you to show ads, wherever on the Google network, with a specific product that the visitor viewed on your website. This method works wonders for retail, hospitality, real-estate or any product that is not impulse-purchased. For any product that the consumer needs time to analyze, dynamic remarketing is a chance to improve your conversion rate on a specific product.
  • Gmail sponsor ads - have you noticed in your Gmail account, little ads that appear next to your messages? These are all ads that show based on the keywords that are inside the regular emails that you send.  This is a very effective type of ad, because obviously, if a person talks about a subject in an email, that subject (and potentially your offer) is of interest to him.
  • Video Campaigns - as mentioned, video campaigns can be thoroughly targeted by age, gender, keywords, topics, interests, placements and remarketing lists. Remember Google owns Youtube. therefore all that Google knows about an unser, can be put to work effectively.
  • Mobile ads - All the above campaigns also work on mobile, because: mobile search and mobile purchases are increasing year after year. That’s because smartphone penetration is growing fast and with it our propensity to do more and more things on these small computers. It is estimated that  84% of users researched a product or a service on their phone and 34% of  smartphone users have purchased a product or service on their smartphone.
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