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Create a Real Content Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, you are probably aware of the various techniques agencies use to attract new customers or turn the existing customers into loyal members. According to a recent study, 86% of B2Bs and 77% of B2Cs focus on content marketing, using a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing quality, relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience in order to boost sales. To ensure the success of your endeavour, you must first do some research to create a documented content marketing strategy, based on your business’ specific needs.

Keep your Business plan in Mind

Create your marketing plan with your business plan in mind. Think of the goals you have and how the content marketing strategy will help you reach your business goals. Also keep in mind the risks you run and the ways to avoid them.

Build Buying Personas

Understanding your public is crucial for business success. You need to describe the specific audiences for whom you will create content, thinking about their needs, and the content engagement cycle they might follow. You may also want to map out content you can deliver throughout their buyer’s journey in order to move them closer to their goals.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Visuals

To keep the reader engaged throughout the article, make sure you use infographics, charts, graphs, or other relevant images to support the main ideas. Using just one stock photo per article is never enough to have high engagement.

Create well written, hilarious, viral content

Before starting to create content for your website, you must first ask yourself a few questions: Why do I need to create this particular type of content? Does it have a real impact on my customers and prospects? What would my readers like to see most?
Think about the ideas and messages you want to send to your audience and how they are different from your competition’s. You need a unique voice and a compelling message to create a cohesive brand conversation that will reach your audience and make it want to find out more about your products/services.

Find the right audience and share your content

Have you defined a channel plan that will help you tell your story to the right public? Make sure you choose the right communication path, according to your business priorities and objectives. Whether you use Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, make sure you discover all opportunities these platforms offer for your business. Stay tuned to the ever-changing features of the social media platforms and make sure you make the most of them.

Periodically Update Your Content Strategy

As your business constantly evolves, you need to gradually adjust your marketing strategy. While your mission and business goals are probably consistent parts of your strategy, other aspects need to be constantly revized and improved. To make sure your content marketing strategy evolves, consider revizing and updating your channel strategy, main topics, and team processes every 6-8 months, or more often, depending on the scale of your business and other specificities.

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